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    multiple wireless keyboard/mice on a mac mini
    My current htpc setup is a pc under the stairs feeding a 4 way powered hdmi splitter, hdmi-cat5 baluns feeding the hdmi video to the lounge, bathroom and 2 bedrooms, and usb-cat5 extenders to the lounge and master bedroom with wireless keyboard dongles plugged in there, as windows allows multiple keyboards on the 1 machine. in bedroom 2 and the bathroom I control it from my ipad with hipporemote.
    If I replaced the htpc with a mac mini will it be ok with having 2 or 3 wireless keyboard dongles connected at the same time? What about multiple bluetooth dongles for bluetooth peripherals can you have more than one of those plugged in at the same time?
    And does hipporemote work well on mac?

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    i have no direct answer to your question but something from my experience:
    having two bluetooth mouse and keyboards on two different macs in the same room drove me crazy - the mouse stucks all the time, the keyboard batteries are empty all the time - nobody could help until someone who works in a huge office told me to try a cable mouse...
    it works like a charme now so you might want to put this in consideration
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