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    Powerbook network issues
    I have a GW 15in powerbook with Tiger, all internet updates installed, and a Linksys router with a WRE54G Range expander. My XP and 2k windows machines happily play on this, but my new Powerbook, while it recognises the network, and logs on, says that it cannot see the internet. It's very frustrating.

    I have tried resetting all my network devices, and played extensively with the settings, tried assigning an ip address to the mac manually (using the settings on the pc, after I have released it's ip). I'm at a loss, and beginning to think I made a mistake with the mac.

    The mac will log onto the network if it is plugged into the router, and will log onto a wireless network in my local cafe, so I assume the hardware is ok. All firewalls and wep are off.

    Any tips? BTW, is it just me, or is the range of the airport on the new powerbooks feeble?
    Thanks, a frustrated noob.

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    Try manually inputing the DNS addresses in the network setup.


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    Is the PB pulling an IP from the router via DHCP?

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