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    Persistent home network problem
    Still trying to get my home network to work. I'm trying to get 3 Apples to talk to each other. Mine is a Power Mac hard wired and the other 2 are connecting via Airport. They show up at the network finder icon but when I try to connect I get the following error message -

    "Connection failed. Unknown user, incorrect password or login disabled." Retype or contact the administrator.

    I have set up all of the computers with accounts and the passwords are correct. What the heck is "login disabled"?

    I love the Macs but this is very vexing since I want my wife's laptop to use the printer connected to my computer.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    System Preferences -> Sharing

    Make sure you have File Sharing turned on
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    In system preferences in the sharing folder, I have personal file sharing and printer sharing checked under the services tab. Interestingly, the ibook can use the power Mac's printer without a problem. That helps but I'd still like to have access to the files on the other macs.

    Since I've confirmed the accounts and passwords, I suspect that it's something to do with "login disabled" but I cna't find out what that means.

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    Make sure you have the permissions for the shared folders on each mac set up properly

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