I'm thinking about buying the following projector: Newegg.com - Dell M110 1280 x 800 300 ANSI Lumens LED Ultra - Mobile Projector 10000:1

It allows you to connect to it as a WiFi hotspot. I was hoping to connect my Macbook to it and watch movies from Netflix or Youtube. Unfortunately, you can't have simultaneous WiFi connections on one network card so I won't be able to connect to my router wirelessly while connected to the projector. Therefore, I won't be able to watch Netflix or YouTube on my projector, which kind of defeats the purpose since that constitutes a large amount of my viewing.

Is there anyway around this? I know for PC there is a VirtualWifi application you can download to have multiple WiFi hotspots simultaneously.

The only option I've found is to buy a separate USB wireless adapter since I think the computer would recognize that as a non-wireless device and I could connect through both that and the built in wireless connection at the same time. Would this be the best alternative?