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Thread: wireless internet drops randomly

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    wireless internet drops randomly
    I have a macbook osx version 10.5.8, which I have owned for 4 years. The past week, the internet with simply drop for no reason at all. The wireless/airport icon will show that there is no signal, however, my router name is listed under the symbol when you click on it. A box will pop up and say "none of you regular wireless networks are available" and will list my usual network name under the list. I try to join it, but it always says "connection timeout." This happened a few months back and I simply moved the router and modem to a different room and it seemed to clear up until this past week. It's quite frustrating because it will drop for absolutely no reason at all, at any time. I have tried turning off the router and modem and resetting them, have tried turning off the computer and turning it back on, closing it and opening it again, none of it works (the internet may come back on for a while, but will drop later on).

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    It really sounds like you need a new router. An older router may not be putting out a strong enough signal. Nowadays, you can buy a nice dual band router for less than $75 at most stores which carry computer accessories.

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