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Thread: Can Macbook Pros connect via WPS?

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    Can Macbook Pros connect via WPS?
    I got an extreme deal on a Late 2011 15" Macbook Pro ($750) and I am giving it to my brother. The problem is that even though it connects to public networks fine, I am having trouble connecting it to his home network.

    The password that Xfinity gave us for the network does not work, he is still trying to get that resolved. However, you can connect devices by pressing the "WPS" button on the modem and WPS option on the computer or whatever device and they automatically connect. I can't find that option on the Macbook. Am I missing something?

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    There is no WPS option. Also, you really haven't provided enough info for our members to try to sort it out for you. What kind of home network is your brother running? And who or what is Xfinity? Assuming it's his ISP, why does he need a password from them?

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    XFinity is Comcast's new name for their cable.

    I personally hate WPS and never use it. Just got a new router to mess with and it tried to get me to use WPS. I did it manually. Can you tell us more info on the router that Comcast gave you? Is there a model? If so I will look for a manual and try and help!

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    It is a Model number: SMCD3GNV

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