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    MacBook Pro Stolen // Time Capsule Help :)

    My MacBook was stolen. I got a new one and retrieved all my data from my time capsule onto my new mac. I want to go back in time and retrieve some older deleted files but when I enter the time machine it looks at my new back up and not my old one (the new one only has data going back a few days). I can see my old back up with the Time Capsule mounted but ideally I want to go back in time and locate the file from my old back up.

    Is this possible?

    Do you suggest keeping the old back up and using the new one also, or can I delete the new one and just back up and use the original one. If so how do I so this?

    Help as always much appreciated Thanks!

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    Any joy with this? Thanks!

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    I have not tried it personally but have a look at this tip. It should allow you to associate the new Mac with the old backup. I have seen other was of doing this but they involve some Terminal geekery,

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