I just purchased and added a Airport Express to an existing Airport Extreme network to extend the wireless network and also to hook up the audio to a Bose system. All seems to work well. I enabled the 1st Express as Remote station in WDS. I'm able to connect wirelessly to The Extreme and Express with no issues. I plan to add another Express to the 3rd floor and was wondering when and what scenerio would better suit the "RELAY" station setting in WDS? Best to my knowledge, the 2nd Express would also be a "REMOTE" station. How many remote stations can I add? Is it safe to say that "RELAY" mode is same as a repeater/bridge? If that's the case, the "ONE" Express setup as a relay/repeater/bridge can not work as a wireless/wired access point? Only the remote and main base is the access points?

I'm also trying to add a wireless IP webserver cam to the remote AE. Why can't I option port forwarding?

2nd. I have a older 17" iMac, running the wireless "B" Is there a way to setup as a "G"? I noticed that all the new iMac's now come standard with Extreme G.