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    Mac RDC through simultaneous Internet connection?
    Hi All,

    Just after a bit of info on the above. I will soon be getting a second Internet connection installed in my house with a fixed IP address so I can securely remote desktop into our HQ from home, the same way I do in our remote office.

    My question is can the iMac handle this on a wired / wireless connection whilst also connected to my personal wireless connection for Internet and normal usage or will I have to choose between one or the other everytime I want to swap?

    My company is expecting me to use my company laptop on the new connection but I'd rather just use my mac for everything at home and keep the ugly laptop out of my home office!

    If you need anymore info please ask.



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    In order to use the second internet connection and your existing WIFI and home LAN you might want to consider getting a router that can handle multiple WAN interfaces as well as static routing.

    This way you will not interrupt the existing network/internet and when your Mac wants to connect remotely to work the router will have a static route assigned to send that traffic over the work WAN connection.

    If the company wants you to use the laptop for connecting remotely there may be some counter measures you won't be able to circumvent. Like on demand VPN or an internal NAP server that sandboxes incoming connections. If Macs are accepted in the company's WISP/CISP policies than the router solution may be viable. If you are "breaking the rules" then just bite the bullet and use the laptop.

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    To Enable Remote Connection
    1. Go to Control Panel>System>Advanced System Settings
    2. Go to Remote tab.

    3. Under Remote Assistance, put a check mark on Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer.
    Note: This automatically adds Remote Desktop exception to Windows Firewall.

    4. Click on Apply.

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