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    How to Access Mac from LAN?
    I have done a search on this site and googled it in many different contexts and quotes...

    Here is my situation. Currently i have an iBook with what i believe to be a dead graphics card. The computer still boots and from the router logs, it still connects to the internet upon bootup. What I am wondering, is it possible to access the computer from another computer on the network. The rest of the network contains 3 PC computers with XP from which we will be trying to access the Mac.

    The Mac is configured with the stock firewall in place and turned on, before the incident happened. I have been reading on how to access PCs with various dos prompts and netbios work-arounds, but have had no luck finding anything to let me browse and take the files from the mac.

    If anyone has any programs, suggestions, or comments please respond.

    Thank you all in advance.
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    if you didnt have the file sharing turned on the iBook, then i do not believe it will be possible. if it is on, you can go in under network neighborhood and find it there somewhere. i dont believe that DOS will work tryingv to communicate with the mac because it is UNIX based.

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    I have figured out how to get to the file sharing preferences without having a screen but I can't figure out how to check the boxes to start the service without knowing where to click
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    Yeah, we turned the file sharing off because one of the roommates was able to access it and it wasnt safe. So we were looking for hacks or certain ports that allow access to the files on the computer. Yeah i didnt think dos would allow the connection, but there was some workaround by finding out some IDs of the computer with the Net Bios in Dos and then applying in the file explorer to figure it out.

    Oh well.

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    Does filesharing have to be on to ssh into the mac? If not, he could possibly start up a VNC server on it and access it that way.

    Or just turn on filesharing from a terminal via ssh.
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    I cannot load any software onto the ibook. I am really just looking to alternatives to get the information off the computer

    without buying a new ibook, using another ibook or taking it to a person to charge me to do this.

    Basically i want to salvage the information to say an external drive, or find a way to just take the data from the hdd.

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