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    Trouble mapping specific network shares
    Hello all! Really hoping somebody might have some pointers for me.

    Recently at work we have decided to let a few users start using their MACs. We were just given the opportunity to test out a new version of software that we currently use (windows only till now). So in turn, I am trying to map the proper network shares for the specific user.

    I have gone into the Sharing portion of system preferences and unchecked afp and checked smb protocols.

    Next, I opened up the 'connect to server' dialog box and proceeded to manually type in the full path of the folder I want them to have mapped.

    and a few others that his level of security get him.

    So even though I am putting in the full path to the specific network folder, it's mapping the 'SHARES' folder only!!! Which in turn is letting the user view ALL of the shares. Good news is, because we've used his credentials to connect, he can only get into the folders he has access to.

    Is there a setting or something I am missing that is not allowing me to map to a specific folder? I don't want the parent folder that holds all of the shares to even be seen.

    I have been playing around with Automator and AppleScript Editor., but I am still missing something I think.

    Anybody have any other suggestions? This is an all Windows network. The servers are all Windows Server 2008.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    If you create a folder in the /Volumes directory with the same name of the folder you are trying to direct map before you attempt to mount it with Automator or mount_smbfs then you will get a direct connection to the subfolder.

    However the side bar will still show the computer name and the root share, if you use the view computer option in the Finder, or CMD+SHIFT+C you will see the subfolder is the mount point. As well as on the Desktop if the show mounted network drives is selected in the Finder preferences.

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