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    Airport Extreme problem

    I have a MB Air and run iTunes and Time Machine using an EHD attached to an Airport Extreme. I recently attached the EHD direct to the air via USB in order to copy over some big files and this seems to have caused a problem - the EHD originally shared a name with the airport extreme which is called some thing like "myairportextremehome", but now seems to have been renamed "myairportextremeh" ie it's been truncated. Itunes and Time Machine now can't find their drives, and I don't know how to change its name back. Can you help?

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    Install the latest version of Bonjour print service from Apple (if it isnt already)
    Disconnect printer from Airport
    Connect the printer to the computer directly by USB and let windows recognize and install the drivers
    Disconnect from USB and connect back to the airport
    Run the bonjour wizard and select the printer
    After the install is complete, goto the devices and printers
    right click over the networked printer and select "printer properties" and go into the Ports tab
    configure the airport port that is currently being used
    change the 'Printer Name or IP address' field to "" [default AP address]
    Protocol = Raw Port number = 9100 Click OK
    Now go into the advanced tab
    click new driver... and again select the make and model of your printer (do this even though your correct printer may already be showing!)
    Check print processor (bottom of advanced tab)
    Print Processor = hpfppw73 Default Data type = RAW

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    That was WAAAAAAY to complicated. Seriously.

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