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Thread: DD-WRT bridge Wi-Fi and still use LAN Ports?

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    Apr 12, 2012
    DD-WRT bridge Wi-Fi and still use LAN Ports?
    I have a problem which I need to solve. I know it is possible but have not yet found a solution to the problem.
    Basically the master router (router 1) is a Virgin Media superhub connected to the internet. As far as I know the VM superhub does not support WDS.
    I have a router upstairs (router 2) which has been flashed with DD-WRT. Upstairs has no other WI-FI adapters or dongles so relies on router 2 for connectivtiy to the internet using the LAN ethernet port.
    How can I make this possible? I have tried a bridged client setup and disabled DHCP on router 2.
    I have then reserved an IP address on Router 1 using router 2's MAC address. However DHCP information such as DNS servers etc are not being passed to router 2. I have completed a site survey on router 2 connected to the SID of router 1 successfully and inputed the Auth credietials. Usually instead of assigning an IP address whichhas been allocated windows detects and IP address conflict.

    Thanks for your help
    Sorry this sounds long winded. Hopefully you will understand what I'm trying to acheive.

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    Apr 06, 2012
    Have you gone to dd-wrt's wiki and followed the instructions to set up what you are trying to achieve?? I have successfully set up the client bridged router following the instructions...

    You can find it here...

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