OK this is a weird question but I figure if anyone knows how to make this work its going to be the people here.

I am going on a trip with 5 students to a national quizbowl type competition. Normally we practice with a large lock out buzzer system. We will not be able to travel with it. In order to practice we are have found several apps that function as lock out buzzers with iphone/ipod touches all one the same wireless network. Due to traveling (we are on a train for an entire day) we will not have a wireless network to share. Before I go out an buy 6 versions of this app ($5 each) I want to make sure it will work.

Question (finally!) if I bring my macbook and do the "create network" thing. Will that work as a wireless network? I know that my iphone recognizes the "network" I created but does it work as a wi-fi that just doesn't connect to the internet?

I had originally been planning to use the ATT hotspot feature but that only allows three devices to connect.

Thanks in advance!