I have an iPad 2 that I have had weird issues with when it comes to conencting to WiFi.

At home I do not have any issues connecting to WiFi. At most hotels I do not seem to ahve any issues connecting. I have noticed in airports where there is free WiFi that I can connect and I get the symbol that shows I am on WiFi but when I go to open a webpage I get the following:

Cannot Open Page
Safari cannot open the page
because it is not connected to the

I am also having this issue at work. At work we have a Belkin Wireless Router connected to our Network. I can conenct on all other devices in the office including my iPhone.

Things I have tried:

1. Reset Network Settings on iPad.
2. Powered down the router and let it sit overnight and then turned it back on the next
3. Reset the router password to its default.
4. Shutdown iPad and powere it back on.

Here are the iPad settings under SETTINGS, WiFi belkin.5d6 (router)

IP Address
Subnet Mask
Seaarch Domains dhcp.chu.aa.aaa.com the aa.aaa is my domain at work, it is 2 leters . 2 more letters
Client ID This is blank

IP Address Same as above
Subnet mask Same as above
Router Same as above
DNS Same as above
Seach Domains Same as above


Everything is blank

HTTP Proxy is Off, I have set it to Auto

When we set up the router I thougthwe ahd to do somethign special since it is a Static Router?