My family has grown addicted to the convenience of our iPods, iPhones, and iPads. We currently have two iPads, my wife's and mine, and use them almost exclusively. I have an older PC that runs iTunes (not very well) for syncing, backing up photos, storing music, etc. I need a new system that is more robust with more storage and a backup system of some sort. I'm next to clueless about networks. I have managed to set up a wireless router with an extender and get the iPads connected with little problems, but that's about the extent of my networking experience. I don't mind learning.

We're a bit frustrated (or I am) with the sync/backup process between iTunes, iPad, and a PC. Something as simple as taking the photos off of my wife's iPad and moving them to the PC so she can take more photos is unbelievably difficult with the available PC software and the sorry state of this PC (it freezes a lot). We can copy the photos onto the PC just fine, but they still stay on the iPad. I'm assuming if I switch to running a Mac instead of the PC, that this process would be a little easier to manage. Other things we'd like to do:

store and stream music and movies to iPads and eventually a TV connected to the network
organize photos
backup all media content
internet connectivity
rip my DVD collection and store it (very little Blu Ray at the moment, but that will change).

That's pretty much it. We're not gamers, any more than the iPad games really. We surf the internet, watch videos, which has led us really to never use the PC. If we bought a Mac, we'd likely not use it that often except to facilitate streaming and storage and iTunes backup.

So, with that in mind, what equipment to I need? A home server? A Time Capsule? Which Mac would be best? I'm not sure a 3TB time capsule would be enough memory eventually. I have a fairly new NetGear dual wireless router that seems to work fine, so I'm not sure I'd need to upgrade this.

Basically clueless. Money is not that big of an issue. Just want something that doesn't have to be hacked to death to work, and that is reliable.