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    Question Bonjour compatible range extender?
    Hi guys

    I have a BT HomeHub which I extend with a Sitecom WL-330 range extender.

    All of my devices are connected to the range extender and the internet works fine for all devices.

    I recently bought an HP 3050a AirPrint printer which also connects to the range extender and although my MacBook and Windows laptop can print to it my iDevices don't pick up the printer. I just get the 'No AirPrint printers found.'

    Sitecom support have told me that the WL-330 doesn't support Bonjour so does anyone know of a range extender which does support Bonjour?



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    Most non Apple products don't refer to the Bonjour name, they simply will have a feature known as multicasting. Since using Bonjour may require the company to pay Apple for use of the name, most companies not marketing to Apple buyers don't mention it.

    Look for a device that supports multicasting. Unfortunately I'm not to familiar with consumer networking devices. Though I would say that SonicWall and AeroHive support multicasting but are pricey for the home user. You'd be better off going with an Airport Extreme and Airport Express for a sub $300 solution.

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    Thanks for the pointer regarding multicast.

    I'll see what's available.



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    Solved with an additional router...
    Just thought I'd post how I managed to get my wireless network sorted:

    Initial setup:
    BT HomeHub with a Sitecom WL-300 range extender. I only connect my devices to the range extender and set their gateway address to that of the BT HomeHub. All devices get Internet access but AirPrint (Bonjour specifically) doesn't work. Sitecom support confirmed that they don't have an extender that will support Bonjour. I also checked with TP-Link and there's doesn't either.

    New setup:
    I've added a 2Wire BT2700HGV wireless router to my network. I connect this router to the Sitecom WL-300 using a Cat 5 patch lead. All my devices now connect to the 2Wire router and still have their gateway address set to the IP of the BT Homehub. All devices still get Internet access but now Bonjour works like a charm.

    The added benefit is that I can site the 2Wire router more centrally (the sitecom extender is just at the edge of the HomeHub's range) and therefore get a stronger signal and faster Internet connectivity for all my devices.

    It probably seems excessive having to add another router and having a Cat5 cable in the mix but I had the router lying around and I'm just glad that it's all working now.

    Just thought I'd share my solution.



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