Hi there, until recently my BT Voyager 2000 router has been working fine, with my iMac G5 using the LAN port, the Windows tower using wifi, and the XDA using wifi.
Some loser hotplugged it while the carpets were being cleaned, and now i am having appaling problems with it.
Here are the issues:
All web based apps (except skype) do not work on the iMac. msn messenger does not work on the XDA or the mac, but DOES work on the PC.
Limewire, AOL, and all the other messenger programs DON'T work on any of the devices, but msn DOES work on the xp box.
HOWEVER firefox, ie, safari etc work fine on all.

I find it extremely hard to deal with, and is incredibly frustrating as i have to use two machines at once, and use my next door neighbours network (with permission of course) for the XDA.
I have tried resetting the router, all the IP addresses etc, have phoned BT, but no luck.
Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance