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    DNS or

    My apple TV wouldn't update so I did a google and found that if I changed the DNS to and that it should work.

    I did that and all was well, the update worked immediately.

    Over the weekend I tidied up the IP addresses on my network, made a smaller DHCP pool, grouped peripherals together etc. (I know I must get out more!) all seemed well apart from 2 PC's I have on the network would not connect to the internet, both have fixed IP addresses on my network.

    I had a play around and added the DNS etc to then network settings and all worked.

    Until I did the AppleTV update i didn't have to inout DNS details so has this changed something on my network?

    My iMac DNS also has and

    Any suggestions to whats happened??



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    Closer than you think.
    ISP's will retire or migrate to new DNS servers from time to time.

    For instance Comcast has new DNS servers and

    They were always and

    If you were pointing to stale DNS servers then the internet would have problems.

    If your modem is pulling a dynamic IP from your ISP and your DHCP scope is referencing the router for DNS then reboot the modem and router to get the latest DNS servers from your ISP. If you are using an internal DNS server add the ISP's current DNS servers as forwarders (or use public DNS like Google's and

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