Hello, I bought a MacbookPro back in 2010, 15.3" I don't think the specs matter that much. but anyway, when i first got it, it would pick up my other MacbookPro, my Xbox, and even my I-pod touch, since they are all connected to the same network.

I went on a vacation, and it was picking up other peoples devices connected to the network, and I didn't want people viewing my information also, so I played with a setting (or a series of settings), no clue which ones, but it completely blocked my computer off from finding other devices, or other devices finding mine. I never turned it back on, since i never used the function too much anyway.

So here I am quite a while later, wanting to use my I-pod Touch as an I-tunes remote, stream movies to my Xbox, etc. but none of my devices wont pick up my MacbookPro, and it won't find others. Even Home-Sharing on my I-tunes wont work.

I've enabled File sharing, allowed all incoming connections in the firewall advanced settings thing, and still nothing.

I feel like I'm missing out on the whole point of having a home network, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

*Not an internet connection issue, Internet works fine on all devices.