I am reletively new to the mac.

I need to move 303 Gb of my photos from my Mac external drive to my Windows PC temporarily so that I can format the external to a format that CCC can use as a bootable clone.

Problem is that everything I try set up for file sharing on the mac ends up with the Windows machine telling me "Johns-Imac is inaccessable". The MAc is showing up in the Windows 7 network places but when I click on that I get that error.

I thought maybe it was related to the fact that it was an external drive I was trying share but if I try this on the Mac main drive it also does not work.

Notsure that I am doing it right but have followed how-to's explained on various sites without success.

I have taken a screen shot of my Mac's settings for the photos folder, for Get Info, Preferences->Sharing and Lion Server File Sharing.


Any help in this regard would be appreciated.