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    Question Password to ATV2 via SSH problem
    Hello fellow Apples! I am new to this forum, and am in need of your knowledge.

    Tried searching threw the threads about my problem/question.

    Here is the thing; I needed to SSH into my ATV today. I typed in the IP to gain access to root via Terminal. After having a good amount of dinner and even a greater amount of beer I started typing my password, but finding my hand hitting enter before I could finish the passphrase. However, I had gained access to my AppleTV.

    I was a bit stunned, end ended the session to start a new one. Again I tried with only typing in the first eight letters, and again; I was connected to my AppleTV. Tried with the first seven, and even with another word; this failed. I then accessed it, in a new session and with only the first eight letters, and tried to execute a killall command. This worked.

    I have also tried connecting to it using the whole passphrase, with luck as well.

    Is this just normal or a bit weird?

    I have a ATV2 jailborken with Seas0npass running 4.4.4. I have also installed Plex 0.10 Beta.

    I have changed my password to a 15 character long password with lower/upper case, numbers and symbols.

    Hope to hear some input!

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    Going Galt...
    So, basically any password will get you on to the ATV2?
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    No only get access when typing the first eight characters or more of the password. Any other random words or a lower number than the eight first characters fails to connect.

    Will try to see if I get the same issue when trying to SSH to my iPhone 4 later.

    Okay, changed my password on iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1 jailbroken with redsn0w. Changed the passphrase to same I have on the ATV2. And strangely, here I could also only type in the first eight characters of total of 15 to gain access via SSH.

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