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Thread: Unarthorized networking

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    Unarthorized networking
    Does anyone know who I could contact that could help me confirm that my MacBook Pro is being networked into a web hosting company?

    Apple store experts do not understand networking unless its w/i the apple family and easily visable.

    The internet company, Charter, just passes the buck, even after I showed them a tracer route that shows my IP address linking into Rackspace.

    Rackspace wont talk to me because I dont have an account. I live in Asheville NC and there is no one I can find that understands technical networking.

    When my computer controls stop working and my recovery partician continues to disapper (along with other symptoms), they state they just dont understand and reload the OP system over and over. The only thing they say is Malware.

    Help!!! No one thinks or even takes the time to look through the logs and put 2 and 2 together. . Its obvious to me so I really thought one of these professionals would have helped. Law ennforcement states I need to have a computer "expert" document for me, thats all. No other involvement.

    I would appreciate any help at all. Thank you!!

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    Can you please share those logs that make you believe your machine is somehow being used as a host for Rackspace?
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