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    Two Imacs to share a hard drive
    Hi there,

    I am a graphic designer in a travel company and have recently brought in an assistant. We now have two imacs on a Windows based network. Our network does not have WIFI..

    We are currently using an Iomega ix2-200 network drive to share and store our files over the network. We are however having issues renaming each others folders and replacing files etc.

    Is there another way for us to share a drive without these issues. I did notice something on the apple site that may work but I am unsure and would be grateful of any clarification. Airport Express? Not sure as we do not have wifi, would this still work plugged into one machine and using the computers own wifi for the two to link?

    I look forward to your replies.


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    The problem isn't as much about how you get to the files, but how you access them (and what permissions you use)..

    How are you mounting the Iomega ix2-200? The NAS supports all different OS', so you want to use NFS or AFP. The key here is to ensure that the directory you are sharing has the right permissions..

    If you are use a NAS-created username to access the files, then you want to create a group on the NAS and then add both your and your assistant's username to that group. With the folder, you want to set the Read/Write permissions to both Owner and Group and you can leave Other as Read only..

    With group-level read/write permissions, both you and your assistant can use your respective usernames and create/delete/modify files and each of you can see the others changes..

    Take a look here for more about permissions: Filesystem permissions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Thanks for the reply, I have created the group and had all permissions on the share group to read/write...

    I have tried to copy, rename, or alter random files/folders on the drive without any joy.

    When i go into the folder of file properties, they show up as Custom Access not read/write... Any other suggestions?

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    What is the best way to allow to Imacs at the same time to share an external hard dri
    Hi there,

    I need to know the easist way to allow two imacs to share an external hard drive at the same time that does not cause permissions issues. I am using a NAS at the moment but it is throwing up so many issues with permissions that it is driving me nuts..

    Many thanks


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