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Maclady2012 02-06-2012 07:31 AM

Malware via Facebook ... does this affect Mac users ... ?
Hi peps .... due to the recent threat of Malware (again) gracing the internet, I am reading info about lots of Facebook Malware that is causing problems for people in 2012. Does this just affect Pc users, or is this also affecting any Mac users.?

Certain viral video links (and other links) seem to be causing havoc, and I am also reading about lots of various Malware that is also being used through gaming, Facebook pages, pictures, etc. I have not clicked on any links/videos/games etc (thankfully) but I am slightly concerned of late that things have changed in 2012 ...

I have read several threads already on this forum that reckon Mac's do not need any Antivirus software .... but in 2012, has this changed ...?

It seems that lots of things have changed since the other threads relating to these issues were posted/replied to.

I am quite internet savvy, and I have ran AVG's free software on the Pc, just wanting to know if there is an equivalent that scans for Malware, Trojans, Spyware etc .... and it does need to be free!!

Any info on any of the points raised above would be mucho appreciated by me and other users who may have the same queries and online worries.

Also, please watch the latest "BBC Click" program, it does highlight some important issues that have arisen recently in the banking sector.

Many thanks

harryb2448 02-06-2012 04:35 PM

There are still no Mac OS X viruses but several malware usually associated with illegal downloads. Have not heard of a Facebook malware, however if you are worried about this, download ClamXAV which is freeware and use that. It is a far better program imho that commercial AV software.

Here is a report on this scam concerning Facebook malware:-

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