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    Am I being Hacked?
    I just received a new Uverse modem the other day and today I went out and did a "Find My IPhone" search. The map found my IPhone and IMac in two different places (30 miles apart) even though they are physically sitting next to each other. Is someone accessing my Mac through the network?

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    No. Depending on how this is set up, it's very possible to get odd results like this. First up, the iMac. Since you don't have GPS or cellular reception, the process depends on a WiFi signal to pinpoint your location. This might get you "in the ballpark" so to speak. The accuracy of this also gets worse the further you are from urban centres. The iPhone however has both GPS and a cellular signal so expect greater levels of precision. I'm guessing therefore that the iMac was located somewhere further away.
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    Makes sense, and I appreciate your response. Thanks......

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