I recently replaced my old router with a Time Capsule and set up two networks, Net2 and Net5, with WEP security. I did the setup using my MacBook Pro (MBP) that runs under Lion. My other devices include an iMac running under Snow Leopard, a PC running under Windows7, an iPad2 and two iPhones running under iOS5, and an AppleTV2. I notice that only the MBP and the iMac can 'see' the Net5 network, all the others see only the Net2 network.

All of the devices except the MBP connect automatically to the Net2 network when turned on. The MBP connects to a neighbor's unsecured network. On the MBP, my Preferred Networks list shows Net2 and Net5, and both show as unsecured! The neighbor's network does not show. On my iMac, the Preferred Networks list shows Net2 and Net5 as WPA secured networks, as it should.

Any ideas what's going on here?
- why does my MBP connect to my neighbors unsecured network rather than one of my Preferred Networks?
- why does my MBP Preferred Networks list show my networks as unsecured when in fact they are WPA secured?

Thanks for any insights anyone can provide.