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    Quote Originally Posted by eJack View Post

    Ivan, thank you. TeamViewer looks like a good piece of software.
    As does CyberDuck, thank you vansmith.

    Thank you both.

    It appears as though I'd be able to use either, to perform the actions that I'd like to.
    In the end, I probably will.


    Now, port forwarding.

    -I changed my router's settings from a Dynamic to a Static IP.
    -I then opened port 22.
    -Start 22/End 22.
    -I wasn't able to adjust the router's firewall just yet, that can be done later.
    -Or can it? Does the SSH port need to be redirected to my NetGear's embedded firewall... in order to function as a tunnel?


    So let's say that what was needed to be done - in order for my computer to be accessed remotely, has been done.

    How would "ssh -p 10888" be accessed from my buddy's Windows machine? Without Bash. Where would that be entered?

    Some file finder?

    Would he need to download specific software in order to reach this address?


    Thank you all for you help.

    I guess this is a moot point if you have already changed your router to static from dynamic, but usually, your ISP will determine if your ip is static or dynamic. If your ISP have given you a dynamic address and you have changed that setting in your router, there is a possbility of your being unable to connect once the IP lease expires. If in fact your ISP allows you to specifiy a static IP, your friend will only have to download a windows ftp client (I've used SmartFTP, FileZilla among others), put the settings in you give him and off he goes.

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    There are two things going on here - static WAN IP and static LAN IP.

    The reason you need to have your LAN IP - the same - is so your router can forward the proper port to the proper internal server. You actually shouldn't need to set your LAN static - you should be able - with most modern routers - to still use DHCP but assign a permanent address to your computers. That way you don't have to go changing the DHCP settings on your computer when switching networks.

    Your WAN IP should be resolvable - but if you look at my other thread you'll see you can do that through dynamic dns. Yes having a static WAN address would be easier but this is usually an extra charge from your ISP in most cases. Dynamic DNS either runs on your router or you can run a script on a computer so that if your WAN IP changes - the dns record will update as well.

    So basically the route is client -> dynamic dns name -> goes to your router and assigned WAN DHCP -> your router forwards traffic to internal port forward command.

    Again - all very dangerous as you are opening a door to your network.

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    I hate to sound rude but,....

    It appears you do not have a basic understanding of firewalls and port forwarding. There have been several posts either trying to explain what needs to happen or the implications of what types of security concerns you may have. None of which appear to be guiding you.

    It is now plainly clear that you have no idea of how this will work.

    Without a basic understanding of port forwarding you will not get very far. People post hints and guides all the time, where it can be a vey simple task to complete, unless you know what you are doing and why, you will not be successful.

    Perhaps a poster will take the time to teach you step by step, but in the end if you don't get it you'll be in the same boat.


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