Hey guys, so here's a little backstory...I have a 2009 Macbook pro. A couple weeks ago I bootcamped it and I'm running XP SP2 on it, this was done at my house. Everything went great, I was connected to our home internet via a linksys router and had internet fine on both mac os and xp partitions. Fastforward, I move back down to school where I live in a townhouse and we have verizon FIOS internet. My mac os still connects fine down here to the FIOS but when I move to my xp partition I'm unable to connect. It picks up the signal with an excellent strength but I get the "limited or no connectivity error" When I try to repair it gets stuck on renewing IP/ acquiring network address. I've tried every troubleshooting thing I can think of...including winsockfix xp, and I even did a clean re install of windows. All drivers etc are up to date. Please if anyone has any ideas or suggestions im open to anything! This is really frustrating! thanks in advance