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    Hi Everyone, I got myself a Macbook pro for Christmas and so far I only experienced 1 major problem with it.

    I'm having trouble connecting to the wireless we are using at school. The way it works normally is very simple, you connect to the wireless and when you open your browser you have to enter a login + password. The thing is my Macbook pro recognize the wireless perfectly but i can't access to the login page and when I try to diagnose the problem.. there is none.

    I know practically nothing or in other words my knowledge is very limited to the mac system so far.

    I went to the computer lab of my college and asked for help, it worked fine for 2-3 hours then the same problem happened.

    The wireless is very good quality on my old laptop i was able to access it without any problem.

    Sorry for the bad english doing my best

    Thanks all!

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    Sometimes this happens to me.

    First, when you went to the college lab - did you plug your computer into the internet via an Ethernet cable, or did somebody assist you with connecting to the school's network wirelessly?

    How far away are you from the school when trying to login?

    Every now and then, AirPort sometimes needs a little on/off action.
    -Although you've probably tried that already...

    1. Turn AirPort off.
    2. Completely shut down whatever browser you have open (FireFox, Safari, etc.)
    3. Turn AirPort on.
    4. Turn browser on.

    5. Repeat 2-3 times to be sure that, that isn't the issue.


    Click the AirPort symbol.
    Open Network Preferences.
    From the Network window, click advanced.
    Under the AirPort tab, drag your school's network to the top of the list.

    This won't solve any technical issues, it will simply tell your Mac to always use that network first, when available.
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