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    Extending wifi network with 2 airport extreme
    I was wondering if anyone has had any luck extending the wifi signal in there house with two airport extremes. I like he idea of two extreme becuase it has the dual band antennas. I have my main time capsule in the basement connected to the modem and was going to put another extreme in the office on the first floor one for wireless printing an two to extend the range of the network. I have a 3 story house(including basement). Any one have any luck with the expansion of the network and any noticable difference?

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    Generally speaking, the worst place you can possibly put your wireless router in a multi-story home is in the basement. You can probably forgo two routers simply by relocating the main unit up to the second floor, centrally within your home.

    While it's possible to extend a wireless network with two routers, it does add quite a bit of complexity to the network and is not ideal - especially when you have other devices that emit radio frequency sitting in between the two wireless devices (things like microwaves and cordless phones can easily disrupt the signal or reduce transfer speeds).
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