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    internet problems on the imac
    When im on my imac connected on the wifi for the internet. the speed is dead slow. its really bad when i want to surf websites and even worse when i stream videos.

    when connecting my macbook to the wifi its really fast when doing everything.

    i doubt its the wireless router or my connection speed (30mb) i really feel theres something wrong with my imac. could it be a number of things ie, firewall, trojans? virus? or anything hacking or.. i dont know but please help. by the way im not that technical with the terms and that so go to simple steps for me please. thanks

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    How about providing us with some information about your iMac? Year and model? Version of OS X it's running? How full is your hard drive? Are you using encryption? And how far away is your iMac from the router? And, have you tried to connect your iMac via ethernet to see if that improved the connection speed?

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