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    Wireless streaming of 2011 Mac Mini display to a Flatscreen TV, what do I need??

    I've owned a Mac Mini (my first Mac) for a few months now and it's primary use has always been for computer audio. Because the audio application (not iTunes) I use is 'Windows only', I have partitioned the SSD in favour of Windows 7, and I use this most of the time. Trouble is, now that I am relocating my rig to my girlfriend's house, the TV (which I use as a monitor for the Mac) will be about 20 feet (straight line distance across the carpet!) away from the Mac (which needs to be with the hi-fi gear at the other end of the lounge). So, I will need to either pair the Mac with another idevice such as an iTouch or iPad2 or (preferrably) stream the display information from the Mac to the LCD TV.

    I must confess that I am a complete newbie on this sort of issue and would appreciate any advice as to the best way to solve this conundrum. I assume that I'd need something like an Apple TV connected to the TV via HDMI to act as a receiver for streamed display data, but I am completely guessing here!

    Also, is Airport Express needed for this, and if so, what's the sum total of the hardware I'd need (Apple TV and Airport Express)??

    In terms of the existing home network access (which may or may not be relevant), she has a wireless hub in the next room - it's not rapid, but it works OK for net browsing.

    Thanks in advance to anyone with some answers!

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    You really need something like a HDMI wireless sender/receiver.

    One connects to the HDMI out of your Mac Mini, one connects to the HDMI in on the TV.

    Have a search around for WHDI devices.

    here's an example:

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    Thanks from a grateful luddite
    The answer's so simple I (rightly) feel embarrassed about the question now! Cheers for the quick and helpful reply - that link was to a good on-line deal too.

    Woah, I am such a technology dinosaur these days!!

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