I'm trying to connect my macbook and my pc together through my home network but both my computers are a temperamental. The PC will recognize the macbook and have access to all of its files but the macbook can't access any of the PC files. I do the "connect to server" thing and then I enter the name of my computer and up pops this box asking me to "enter your name and password for ther server -computer name here-". I have no idea what this could possibly be, I don't have a PC password protecting my computer and I've been messing around with it all day.

Someone please help? I can provide screenshots if needed.

I am not that good with technology so please be patient with me

I appreciate all the help,

*Edit: I am running Windows 7 and Lion
If I try connecting to my PC as a guest instead, it shows folders like "documents" and "downloads" but they don't have anything in them. If I then go to printer and connect through network, it sees my printer and "connects" but when I try to print it stays in the queue and says "authorization required" .