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    Exclamation MBPro via Wifi -> act as hotspot?

    I live in a dorm where there is no ethernet, so the usual "create network" method does not work for my situation. I have a MBPro that is connected to the building's WiFi but my 4S barely detects this same WiFi and occasionally drops out. I need a method to use the WiFi in my room to setup a hotspot or boost it using a DIR601/Airport.

    *Can the Airport Extreme use a WiFi network and then serve as a hotspot for my phone and laptop?

    What are my options here to make my iPhone work?

    -no ethernet, only WiFi
    -MBPro connects full strength to building's WiFi
    -iPhone 4S weakly detects the building WiFi and drops out
    *need to essentialy boost the building's WiFi to my 4S via a hotspot generation or other method.

    Thank you.

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    To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to do what you are asking with what you have available. In order to share the network connection through wi-fi you need to have 2 physical interfaces. Typically this is done with Ethernet in and then shared out through wi-fi. You can also do the reverse and have wi-fi in and Ethernet out, but you cannot use one interface for both in and out.

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    Thank you for the info.

    It just came to my knowledge that the wifi I am connected to is running off an Apple Airport router system. Can I install an Airport Express/Extreme in my room and boost the wifi here, thus solving my problem? Note: I do not have any setup access to the current Airport router that is providing with what little internet access I have.

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