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Thread: Strange wireless/ethernet problems

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    Strange wireless/ethernet problems
    Hi everyone,
    So I just got back after a month of vacation and am suddenly having some problems with the internet. While I was gone my roommates reconfigured the router but I do not know if that is the problem.

    When I start up the computer I am most often able to go online for a little while and then it just stops working. Sometimes it helps if I restart the mac but not always, and never for a very long time.

    I tried using openDNS but get an error saying my DNS IP and HTTP IP doesn't match.
    When I plug in the cable directly from the router (not the wireless one) I can't connect because it's saying I have a manually configured IP address. I checked my ethernet preferences and it is set to USING DHCP.

    The ethernet and wireless at work works fine it is only the home connection I can't get to work. Also when it says it cant load the page I am actually still online since I can have things downloading, and use ADIUM. Just cant load the pages.

    Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?

    Best regards,

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    kick your roommate in the ****.

    Reset the router back to factory and set it back up again, but this time, DONT TELL THE ROOMMATE what the password is.
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