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    Unhappy Problem watching the news on my Mac
    I can't seem to be able to watch an entire news cast without 100 interruptions. The video stops, won't start on its own again... I have to go back to the start which mean going through the adds again. Then a couple of seconds more and it stops again. Sometimes even the adds stop and that is more annoying because you can't go forward or backward... you have to close the window and start again!

    I tried Firefox and also Safari, same thing... Is it my internet connection (cable or wifi) or my computer? I have nothing else running, and even with just the window on the news, it stalls every 10sec. Grrrrrrr

    I actually have less trouble with the news from the other Old World - but I wish I could get some local news (CDN).

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    I take it my this you mean you are trying to stream the news video via websites. This could just be a case of your internet connection being too slow to handly it. Try - The Global Broadband Speed Test to see what speed you internet connection is getting. You want to be getting a minimum of 2mb/s for streaming video smoothly.
    Or it could be something else.
    Could you state what machine you are running, what OS you have installed and also how you connect your machine to your router please?


    - Simon

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    Hi Simon, thanks for your answer.
    I just did the Speedtest that you mentioned - the download speed is 12.84mbps.
    I could not do the MacKeeper scan because I have a Mac OS 10.4.11 and the MacKeeper is for OS 10.5 and up. I have cable internet then a Dlink router for wifi use.
    Thanks again for your help.

    The strange thing is that it seems a month ago, I didn't have that much problem... may be a couple of interruptions per news video, so why this hassle now!!!?

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    I could not do the MacKeeper scan because I have a Mac OS 10.4.11 and the MacKeeper is for OS 10.5 and up. I have cable internet then a Dlink router for wifi use.
    Lucky for you. MacKeeper is Junk-Ware and will only worsen things. Avoid it like the Black Plague!

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