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    Networking Question
    I'm moving into an apartment above a house. The landlord is offering free wireless internet, i.e., he gives me the password to access his network.

    I have a Time Capsule that I want to continue to use wirelessly. Will I be able to do this without connecting it via ethernet cable to the landlord's modem? If yes, how?

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    you should be able to do that rather easily. You will need to know both the name and password of his network though. I think these steps will work:

    1.Connect to the Time Capsule wirelessly for the setup then open Airport Utility.

    2. When it finds your Time Capsule choose to do a manual setup.

    3. Select the Airport symbol to bring up the basic setup screen then click on the wireless tab. For wireless mode change from "Create a wireless network" to "Extend a wireless network" Make sure to set Network Name, the encryption type and password to match what your neighbor is using.

    4. Click on Internet button in the Airport Utility and choose the TCP/IP. To configure this correctly you will need to know whether his router is using DHCP or Manual IP configuration and the IP address of his router. The IP address for his router will go in the DHCP server address field. The subnet numbers will likely be 255 255 255 0,

    Now save the settings and when the Time Capsule finishes its restart disconnect the ethernet wire and see if you are able to get internet wirelessly. The Ethernet ports on the Time Capsule may not function in this mode if I remember correctly.
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