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    Help with 2wire/Mac configuration

    I have a friend with a MacBookPro with a Bell Canada DSL service. Bell has provided a 2Wire router.

    The mac is plugged in to the router directly and wireless is disabled on the mac.

    The mac has an IP Address from DHCP.

    The internet is not accessible and attempts to connect to and get no response.

    A Bell technician was in this afternoon for 2.5 hours. DSL service is OK, PC laptop connects fine.

    Can anyone think of a possible network configuration issue on the Mac that may have to be changed? It was working up to about a week ago over wireless and then started getting intermittent issues with it finally stopping. I suspect wireless cross-talk which is why I brought in the Ethernet cables. Bell has shipped two new 2Wire devices and also today tried a non-2Wire device. Mac does not work but PC does.

    Based on various searches on the internet, I can see the following options that I will be checking when I drop over on Sunday. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

    1 - IPv6 might have a wacky setting (doubt this one)
    2 - DNS has a funky setting (doubt this one)
    3 - remote possibility of Time Capsule contributing, but it was shut off totally and things were still not working. Need to confirm that the Time Capsule network is totally off (this was how I set it up when it was installed)

    I'll be bringing in a PC laptop to see if I can at least see the admin screens on the 2wire, and also hope that internet will work so I can search for various ideas.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Jan 06, 2012
    The issue was activation of the router. Using a PC laptop I was able to activate the router, although Bell needed to be involved. We seemed to have to initiate a PPPoE connection in order for it to be finalized but this was not clear. It took multiple attempts to activate the router.

    Overall it was highly frustrating and in the end it is not clear to me if we could have gotten it working with only the Mac. Bell did not provide Mac instructions for setup, although there were detailed instructions for 3 versions of Windows.

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