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Thread: Noob with a question

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    Jan 06, 2012
    Noob with a question
    Hi everyone im rather new to mac's but i recently got a new to me powerbook g4 from a friend an im having trouble with wifi.Ok so heres the deal i go to connect it to my wifi in my house but it automatically says "connection failed" when i put in our password for my home wifi. But it will connect with no problem to my cell phones wifi tether. Idk if its my settings or what but my hp mini netbook has no issues connecting to my home wifi as well as my sister macbook pro can someone help me ...

    thanks charles

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    Jan 06, 2012
    would i need a new airport card maybe

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    Yes it would help enormously if you want to use Airport as fitting was optional.

    Depending on the precise model which you have not supplied, it will handle a 802.11b/g Airport Extreme Card. It may not handle WPA protocols alas.
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    i have a powerbook g4 specs/867mhz powerpc g4 1mb l3 cache 768mb sdram
    1.33mhz if that helps i also put in another airport card still nothing has changed.

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    im thinking my friend messed up the settings is theyre a way to completely get it back to factory settings

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