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    setting up a local network
    I want to have a mini-network that includes my old eMac and my new iMac. I have listed both users (myself with different versions of my name) and in 'sharing' have included most options, allowing both users to read and write. Each tells me that I can access the particular computer under 'name.local'. But I don't see anyplace to put that. Neither am I really sure what I should expect - should I be able to go to the 'name.local' for the eMac when I am on the iMac, and see whatever is on that computer? Any help with this would be appreciated.


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    Using the "Connect to Server" option from the "Go" menu in the finder would be the place to enter the name.local.

    You will be prompted for a username and password of a user from the computer on name.local

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    Thank you. What happens is that I get a folder that tells me I cannot open it because I am not authorized to do so. In the 'sharing' screen I have given all the permissions except those that were not allowed - or advised against. Using the eMac, I can access the iMac, although there is very little there. Last night, when I went to shut down the eMac, I had a warning that the sharing user might lose unsaved data. I went to it - it is like a huge cube, rotating to a new face, and found the flash drive icon. The flash drive was connected to the eMac, not the iMac, but I dragged it to the eject symbol, went back to the eMac, and it let me shut down. I seem to have a one-way network, but want it to work both ways.

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