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    Transfering files from PC onto old Mac?
    Was wondering if anyone could help - I need to find out how I can transfer files from a Win XP ( :dummy: ) PC to an old Mac Quadra 800 (OS7.5).

    I'll hold up my hands and admit I know little about Macs but have tried reading around - I tried connecting the XP machine to the Mac via the Appletalk ethernet dongle but didn't manage to get the 2 talking (this may still be the best solution but I didn't know what I was doing).

    My other option was using a Zip drive - however, I read up on this, got a USB Zip drive for the PC and an SCSI one for the Mac only to find out that OS7.5 doesn't officially support the Zip. There is a couple of pages out there that give solutions on how to get Zips working with older Macs (actually the Plus!) but I didn't have any joy with the Quadra.

    Just wondering if anyone can suggest the best route to persue? Or perhaps on a sidenote, give an indication of whether I could get OS8 running on the Quadra I upgraded with 128MB of ram (yes, I ventured inside! :eek: ) as that way I could get the Zip running.

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    Yes you won't get the two talking via AppleTalk as on OS earlier than 9, it does not do TCP/IP over AppleTalk; there is a 3rd party app however that will enable this and I cannot think of its name right now. That will enable the two to talk peacefully, you would then connect to the PC with the Chooser (yes, odd I know, but that was the Chooser all over...)

    You can install up to OS 8.1 on the Quadra 800 as it has a 68040 processor, OS 8.1 was the last release to support 68K processors, OS 8.5+ were PPC only. This would be worthwhile doing anyway as you have a good healthy amount of memory. I am surprised the Zip drive doesn't work on 7.5 as that was released in 1995, the Zip 100 drive's release year.

    How big are the files you are trying to transfer?

    I'll try and find the program you need in the meantime to get OS 7.5 to talk TCP/IP over AppleTalk. PS: that dongle is in actual fact an AAUI network to RJ45 adapter :flower:

    I presume you were using a crossover ethernet cable?

    Vicky :flower:

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    Vicky, you're a star! Thank you for all the info and offer of finding the program.

    It's was RJ45 crossover yes. I actually need to run a piece of old printing equipment from the Mac which requires a special card - the card I have is Nubus hence why I couldn't ditch the Quadra for a G3/4. I'll need to constantly shift files between the 2 machines (just small graphics, generally 1MB at most probably).

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    Might be worth even considering a Power Macintosh 6100/7100/8100 as they are all NuBus based 601 PowerMacs (the first Power Macintoshes).

    The program is called ShareWay IP

    It's a demo but that will work for a few days.

    Then on the PC so afp:// (Apple Share/Talk) connections will work you need:

    That will give the PC the afp protocol; you should be able to get the two talking nicely and you may not even need ShareWay IP on the Mac.

    Make sure you set up the TCP/IP and File Sharing Control panels appropriately.

    Sorry this sounds a bit skittish - but I would give full instructions but I don't own a PC! Suffice to say - yes you can get the Quadra to talk to XP and vice versa.


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    Oh and if that fails. 1MB files you say.

    Use floppy disks

    Format them as MS-DOS 1.44MB, save the files on the PC, make sure PC Exchange (extension) is loaded on the Quadra, it should be by default on 7.5 and that would also work.

    Sneaker-net they call it :flower:

    But I'm sure with some perseverance and time you'll get them talking over the network, it can be done!


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    Scrap that previous version (IomegaWare 2.1.1) - found it was OS 8.5 only:

    That should work

    A french website notes:

    Novembre 1996
    IomegaDriver 5.0.3


    Macintosh Se
    Système 7 à 7.5.5 <---- Yup looking good :flower:
    Mémoire 4 Mo
    Compatible SCSI Manager 4.3
    Contenu voir les versions.

    Again you will need StuffIt Expanded to un-stuff the HQX file.


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    Have you got the two machines networked on a TCP/IP network?

    If you have, download a copy of Netpresenz 4.1 (You can get a version for System 7.x) onto your Mac.

    Setup a User sharing account and start File Sharing on the Mac, and then launch Netpresenz and turn on the FTP server function.

    Log in using the User account you set-up using a FTP client on the PC. (Use the Mac's IP address as the FTP server address.)

    I personally have found this is the easiest way of getting files from PCs onto old Macs. Takes about 10 minutes to set-up, and seconds to transfer the files across the network.

    Of course if you haven't got a network the whole thing rather falls apart!

    Hope that helps


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    Vicky, wow, can't thank you enough for all that - given me plenty to get started with! Will try the Zip driver first (will it be ok even I have just 7.5, not 7.5.5?). Will try that before trying TCP/IP...looks trickier!

    Can't test just now though as the Mac is at the work. Regarding using floppies, I had considered that but as the floppy in the Quadra obviously hadn't been used by the previous owner in a few years, it's absolutely full of dust/silt etc and I really doubt it'd work (it's right in the internals of the drive).

    I thought about replacing that but then figured I may aswell get a Zip as I wouldn't be constrained to size. I've since figured there wasn't going to be any 'easy' way without buying extra software (though hopefully you're about to prove me wrong!). Will it be possible for me to download/copy the driver onto Zip using the PC's drive, then use the disc in the Mac SCSI Zip drive?
    I thought I read somewhere about having to use Iomega tools to get the Mac to read a PC written disc.

    Tris - thanks as well. They're not networked at all yet but hopefully I won't have to bother with that.

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