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    Apple ID question regarding multiple machines
    First time poster, so I hope this is the right place.

    Here is my setup:

    I have a MBP,
    My wife has a MBP
    We each have an Iphone
    We have one Ipad

    We have two Apple Id's. The majority of purchases have been on my ID, but a couple of significant purchases have been made on her account. I know that I cannot combine Id's, but am I able to just use my ID for all of the machines? My wife does not care if I do this, and I think it would make everything just easier to deal with. So here are my main questions?

    1. If I can do this, do I simply just log in each machine with my ID?
    2. If I am able to simply log in each one, is there a way I can keep the purchases she made on her ID and keep them on all the machines?
    3. If I do this, will all the stuff we have purchased go to my "cloud" and will be able to download on all machines?

    Thank you in advance for all your help!

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    When you have purchases made from her account on machines logged in to your account the first time you try to play her content you will be asked for her username and password to authorize that machine to play content from her account. Alternately she can log into her account on the machines in question and authorize them to play her content.

    Once you do this the machine will be added to the list of 5 devices allowed to play content from her account and will be able to do so from there on out. This will only stop if you were to reauthorize the machines(s) from playing her content.

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