Up until two days ago, I was able to print out with no problems from either the Macbook, or iPad via the Macbook. Since then, the printer slowed down in printing, until it eventually would not print at all via the Airport Express.

I have been able to print out using the USB cable direct to the computer, but not via the Express. The print box (via Express) shows a download to the printer of between 10 and 20% - but no printing.

Is there any way to be able to isolate the problem, in either the Express or Epson. I have a feeling the problem is with the Express, as I can print out using USB cable.

I have re-booted computer, Express and Epson, to no avail, and gone through all the fault finding I can find, and re-installed - still nothing via the Express.

Any ideas welcomed - or should I go to an HP printer that does not need the Express. It is either a new printer or a new Express by the look of things