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    Question g3 internet connection problems
    I just purchased a g3 for $50.00. I've tried to hook it up to internet and have not had any success. I've called my isp Roger's Cable and they walked my through the connection process and had no luck. The techie said that i had to "uninstall" tcp/ip settings. I assume he meant to trash the tcp/ip pref. file which i did. Still no luck. Apparently it is not acquiring the correct ip address from the DHCP server. This machine was orginally in a novell network so i'm wondering if it has a stray ip setting somewhere. I've also deleted all the internet configs. I'm
    not to familar with the mac so bear with me. I'm using os 9. I've googled the internet and have not found too much info. Any help appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    Just booted up into Mac OS9 so I could be sure to tell you the correct info.
    First thing go to Control Panel, then click on TCP/IP. Be sure the Connect Via is set to "Ethernet", and the Configure is set to "Using DHCP Server". Be sure no other address's show up in the fields below those two settings.

    Go to Control Panel again and click in Internet. Go there to the Advanced TAB and then to Firewalls. Be sure everything there is unchecked, Then go to the Hosts Tabs and get rid of anything there.

    If it still does not work and you are for sure connected to your Cable, Go back to TCP/IP and select Manual instead of DHCP and see if there are any stray address's there. If so get rid of them and go back to DHCP. What Mac G3 is it? Model. How are you connecting it to your Cable? Router or directly to the modem? If directly to the Cable Modem, a lot of CAble Co's use the Machines ID and if you hook up another machine Direct to the modem it will not work. If to a router, after everything is set like I told you and you save it, You should after a few be able to come back to the TCP/IP Control Panel and see your network's IP Address and Subnet mask in the fields below the settings.

    If you still have problems let me know. I know networking with OS8-9 quite well. Worked with a lot of Macs in DSL through a Router on an all PC network.

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    thanks for reply. I'm hooking up directly to cable modem, but i originally had a pc hooked up to it. I don't have mac on router. I'm not sure how to tell what model it is. It's got big g3 on side and its blue and white. I had DAVE networking software installed originally but i don't think this will affect the mac. It keeps picking up the same ip address 169.....etc when it should start with 149....etc. The techie didn't say that i would need a router. And i've pretty much done what you said and have had no luck. I'm hoping to get this running as i just signed up for an online networking course at our local university of waterloo.

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