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    lack of router manual
    I am new to this forum, and apologize if in the wrong place. I failed to find a more appropriate place to post this.

    I use a desktop running Windows 7.

    While in hospital, someone who is no longer available connected a router to my cable tuner. I am unfamiliar with this device and found no help in the manual with this difficulty. The router is an Airport Extreme, 802.11n WiFi, Base Station 8a4c10, IP address SN 6f9244ec31s. This is the only daty I have on this device.
    In addition, I cannot find any information on configuration of this device on ym Windows 7 hd. Could it have been set up with my brother's Mackintosh for use with a PC?

    I am currently experiencing low to 0 download speeds for large files. I believe the problem is due to either the Airport router or the firewall settings in Norton Internet Security. Apparently I must engage in port forwarding to solve this problem. As I am unfamiliar with this subject, can anyone suggest a site where I can find information on the configuration of this router on my PC? I am of only intermediate skill level with computer systems. The only other option is to disconnect the Apple Extreme router from my system.

    I would prefer to attempt this reconfig with the router before disconnecting it.


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    Try going to the router manufacturers website...they generally have downloadable manuals for their products (unless it's a SUPER old model).


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