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    1. OK, IŽll try and be as clear as possible but as I don't understand a bloody thing about this I am completely lost.

    I live in Spain and have a vpn back to the uk to watch UK TV.

    I can access this on my MAc or PC as I on switch on the VPN, this works perfectly fine.

    I have a modem router from Telefonica that works fine but it is just a basic home system, i have now purchased an airport extreme and this works fine on the network and is setup as a separate home network.

    What i want to do is add my VPN settings to this so everything that needs to can connect through this, is there a way to do this?

    Many Thanks


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    To clarify, you currently use both a Mac and a PC to VPN to the UK. On each computer you need to establish the VPN with either a client software or by using the built in VPN tools provided by the respective OS.

    You want the AirPort to establish the VPN for all devices so that the connection will be maintained by the router versus individual VPN connections from each device.

    I don't believe the AirPort can be used as a VPN client to negotiate the connections, and if it could I would think all traffic would flow over the VPN. Which you probably don't want.

    Do you know what the VPN server is in the UK?

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    I very rarely use the PC only the mac and iPad, these connect no problem and I can put a VPN in them, what I need is to be able to connect the PS3 and TV via a VPN and i have read that the airport does allow this but can't find anything anywhere on how to set it up.


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