I installed a D-Link Xtreme Wireless N Router (DIR-825) a couple of months ago and I have had very slow response when accessing the net on my MacBookPro over WiFi. While opening a link the WiFi icon at the top of the screen is greyed out. When I click on the icon the Macbook looks for networks and I have to select the network I want to open (I only have one). This happens then for some reason the whole network locks up and I have to unplug everything to reset the router and Cable DSL modem. This never happened with my previous Trend net router so thinking the Dlink was the culprit I purchased the Airport Extreme today and installed it. Everything works on my Imac(ethernet), Apple TV G2 (WiFi), Wifes BB Playbook (WiFi), Wifes Dell laptop (WiFi), and my Iphone4, but the same issues occurred with my MacBook and when it did every WiFi connection lost all WiFi access. Unplug router and modem again and all is fine. It appears that the MacBook pro may be causing the issue. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a setting on the MacBook that may not be correct?