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    Question Airprint/Wireless printing problems
    Hello, wondering if someone can help me out, I have a HP Office 8600 that has airprint support but I am encountering various problems:

    1. My MBP does not pick up the printer via wireless, and if it does it appears offline.

    2. Prints fine if I select the printer as a device.

    3. Ipad and iphone does not print if I am on wireless network, I need to get out of it and select the printers wireless address and it prints fine via airprint.

    My printer allows me to connect it to our netgear wireless router, upgraded the router firmware to the lastest, but I just cannot get it to work, not even HP tech support was able to me.

    Or does Airprint only works if you select the printer or is it supposed to work via the wireless router?

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    AirPrint requires multicasting, which can only occur on the same subnet. There are ways to address the subnet issue like using AeroHive devices, but most likely you are a single subnet anyway.

    Is multicasting an option in your Netgear web interface?

    The printer and the iOS devices should have the same IP scope e.g. 192.168.1.x

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