I'm having some issues lately with my internet and network connections. First off, i know its not from our internet provider or from my router. The network operates just fine. But my mac seems to have issues staying connected from time to time.

It'll work perfectly all day, then suddenly and spontaneously it will drop the connection to the internet and tell me that its not connected to our home network.

If i select my wi-fi option and the top of the screen it gives me a list of networks being detected. I select our home network and it gives me a connection again. But about 10 seconds later it disconnects again and says "A Connection Timeout Occurred - could not connect to "home network".

I can do this repeatedly, connecting to the internet (successfully) for about 10 seconds before it kicks me off again.

Any idea why this would occur?

Also - i've had times when my wi-fi will spontaneously decide to connect to another network besides our own home network, even though i've indicated on the preferences that my home network is supposed to be the default network when its in range.